I have been texting someone for like an hour, thinking it was a girl in my chem class who I’d given my number to because they were talking about the professor. but just now I got a text that says “hey Allie, this is [girl from chem class], did you see the e-mail from the professor?”

so who the hell was I texting for an hour?




False rape accusations are an anomaly.

True rape accusations are a norm.

You’re, quite literally, more likely to be killed by a comet than falsely accused of rape.

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"Because 1 in 33 men will be raped in his lifetime, men are 82,000x more likely to be raped than falsely accused of rape. It seems many of us would do well to pay more attention to how rape culture affects us all than be paranoid about false accusers.”

This reminds me of how my abuser Robert’s principal defense for the violation of my restraining order was that he did not remember ever being served the restraining order, because he was in a dissociative state.

So I looked back at some of the texts he had sent me then and the very first one actually used the words “your restraining order” in it. Clear proof that he a) knew of the restraining order and b) is a remorseless liar.

ABUSERS LIE. Don’t ever buy it.


if your mental illness ‘makes’ you an abuser GUESS WHAT YOU’RE AN ABUSER


I remember youneedacat, who is a pretty famous disability blogger on here who I really respected, once reblogged a post that said “if someone ever calls the police on someone with BPD, I assume they just straight up hate mentally ill people.” And someone else reblogged it and said “they probably just want them to die”.

And what a crazy abusive mindset that is. Because I once called the police on my abusive ex who had BPD because he was being violent, and I didn’t want to die? Like that’s why I did it? Because I didn’t want to die? Not because I was all, “oh, I’ve been in an abusive relationship for a year and my boyfriend is threatening me, NOW I can begin my evil plan?”

Seriously, what the fuck was I supposed to do? I was in actual danger. If I could possibly have talked him out of it, don’t you think I would have? Do people even know how abusive relationships work? Blanket statements like that just switch the danger from the mentally ill to domestic violence victims.